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New!     Old Braeswood POA Members Meeting
           7 p.m.  Thursday, April 24, 2014
           2337 Blue Bonnet Blvd.
           Please RSVP to info@oldbraeswood.com

Welcome to the Old Braeswood POA

The Braeswood Civic Club was first established in 1939 to enforce the deed restrictions for the Braeswood Addition as well as to improve and beautify the area for the enjoyment of area residents.  In 1982, "Old Braeswood" was registered as a trademark and logo to differentiate our residential neighborhood from the surrounding areas along Braes Bayou, which had become known as "Braeswood".

Old Braeswood sections and blocks

The current area served by the Old Braeswood POA consists of 314 private residences; Braeswood Park, property of the City of Houston Parks and Recreation Department; and two traffic triangles owned by the City Traffic and Transportation Department.

Old Braeswood is a unique residential neighborhood characterized by large lots and sweeping lawns, huge trees, and a distinct architectural diversity that ranges from stately Tutor homes to architecturally significant Ranches.

The Old Braeswood POA has been active during recent years to assure that the unique character of our neighborhood continues.  For this reason, the Old Braeswood POA discourages the subdividing of large, multi-lot properties into component lots that results in a dense concentration of construction with only minimum free space.  Area development that retains the integrity of the neighborhood will always be encouraged.

Click on the picture above to see a full-sized image of a picture taken of Old Braeswood from the cockpit of a private airplane.  Taken in the mid 1950's by one of the original residents of the neighborhood.

Green trees, flowering shrubs and clear water created in Braeswood for the pleasure of those who have chosen wisely

From an illustrated brochure advertising Braeswood in 1931.

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Old Braeswood POA
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Houston, Texas 77254

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